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Dr.Evan Wolf
(907) 373-0225
4505 E Greenstreet Circle
Wasilla, AK
Medical School: Umdnj-Robt W Johnson Med Sch
Year of Graduation: 1998
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Accepting New Patients: Yes
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Kevin Berg OD
Kenai Vision Ctr
(907) 376-0837
1350 S Seward Meridian Rd
Wasilla, AK
D J Kosterman OD
Peters Creek Vision Center
(907) 688-8733
20905 Eastside Dr
Chugiak, AK
Cole Vision Corporation
(907) 357-7620
1000 S Seward Meridian Rd
Wasilla, AK

Alaska Eye Care Centers
(907)-376-5266 800-478-5266
1700 E. Parks Hwy
Wasilla, AK
Comprehensive eye exams for children and adults - Specialty contact lens Fitting, Orthokeratology, and CRT - Emergency Services - Same day appointments lab services available -    Insurance/Medicaid/Medicare - Vision assessment and correction - Laser vision correction consultation and management - Huge assortment of spectacle frames and contact lenses for every budget - On-site ophthalmic lens fabrication facilities.

Evan Wolf, MD
Wasilla, AK
Medical School: Umdnj-Robt W Johnson Med Sch, New Brunswick Nj 08901
Graduation Year: 1998

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Cathy Baston
Wal-Mart Vision Ctr
(907) 373-0225
935 Westpoint Dr # 207
Wasilla, AK
RichardP. McKinley,O.D.
P O Box 2062
Palmer, AK
EdwardC. Godnig,Jr.O.D.
(907) 376-3917
The Eye Guys,390 N. Main Street
Wasilla, AK
HeatherJ. Erickson,O.D.
(907) 357-9590
3223 East Palmer-Wasilla Highway,# 2
Wasilla, AK
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Stye And Chalazion Eye Inflammation

A stye, or hordeolum, is a nodule of inflammation that forms a bump in the eyelid and is associated with a bacterial infection. A stye usually begins to form when an oil gland in the eyelid margin becomes clogged. A pocket of bacterial infection, or an abscess, then develops in the clogged oil gland. Very rarely, the infection can spread from the eyelid to other parts of the face. Persons with blepharitis are especially prone to developing styes.

In contrast to a stye, a chalazion is a nodule of inflammation that forms a bump in the eyelid without associated infection. Chalazia tend to be present longer than styes, and they are usually less tender and red. Some styes develop into chalazia after the body clears the infection but not the inflammation.

Symptoms You May Experience:
With a stye, you will notice a bump in your eye lid that develops over several days. The bump is usually tender and red. With a chalazion, the bump that forms in your eyelid will often take longer to form. It is usually only slightly tender to the touch and is less red than a stye. Your vision may be slightly blurred if the chalazion presses on your eyeball, causing astigmatism (an irregular curvature of the cornea)...

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